photo: Severin Koller

AZOLIA Playlist

„…All pieces by this unusual lineup are good songs in every way! The new CD impresses by its well developed songwriting and a refreshingly transparent lightness in the arrangements. By leaving out drums and especially the piano as a binding harmonic instrument, every voice is treated equally within the group and therefore has much space to contribute meaning. The players use these opportunities for soloistic excursions, harmonic tension and sophisticated interactions in most highly inspired ways…“

Stefan Pieper, Jazzthetik

No useless convulsion or abstraction here; these pieces, both written and improvised, are delightful all along creating an extended and long lasting program of incredible originality., Pierre Dulieu

„A quartet with a promising future.“  Hans-Joachim Maquet, Jazzpodium

“…Folk Tassignon (presents) a vast musical spectrum which shines through vocal elegance and instrumental brilliance.. Their interaction is magical…”
All my Music, Helmut Blecher

We are AZOLIA and welcome you to our website! A little explanation upfront: maybe you have heard us play already under a different name. We first named the band after our leaders’ last names: Susanne FOLK and Sophie TASSIGNON, but this lead to many confusions: FOLK sounded like the music genre and TASSIGNON was way too hard for anyone to remember. We play jazz music and we’d like you to not worry too much of how to pronounce our band name. For this reason we re-baptized ourselves as AZOLIA, a name that inspired us and connected us more to our music!

As AZOLIA is brand new, you will read reviews about FOLK TASSIGNON and hear our record under that same name released in January 2014 on Ajazz. We hope you don’t get too confused until we record our next album under our new name… AZOLIA!

This should happen in 2015 and we’re very excited about it! Our recent Germany tour was followed by an exciting tour in China where we were invited by the German General Consulates from Chengdu and Guangzhou! Check out our photos on the News page!

Enjoy browsing our website and feel free to contact us through the contact page or through Facebook!